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Flip PAINT Scribble


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Eco Brush

  •  Soft synthetic bristles for perfect results
  •  Professional quality
  •  Suitable for water-based or oil-based paint
  •  Recyclable stainless steel
  •  Ergonomic, light and good grip
  •  Environmentally friendly: saving on brushes, recyclable stainless steel and wood, unpainted handle, very smooth

Brush Keeper

  •  Convenient storage of paint brush during paint job up to 5 days (dry) and for longer storage (months, years) fill with water (acrylic) or turpentine (alkyd) and it automatically cleans itself in a few days.
  •  Also handy when climbing a ladder or for transport
  •  Protects bristles for excellent smooth result every time
  •  Environmentally friendly: - recyclable PET, savings of brushes, turpentine, chemical waste and plastic.